Finally Found: Best Maternity Leggings

Finally Found: Best Maternity Leggings

Is there anything better than throwing on a pair of maternity leggings and looking really cool? We think not! Whether you’re headed to the gym, for brunch or the couch, leggings will pretty much be your unofficial pregnancy uniform. And while it may seem like there isn’t much to them, they’re actually pretty complex - not that you have to worry about that because we’ve done the hard work for you (you’re welcome!). We are very serious about delivering the best generation of maternity activewear, and these have our trademark BodyHold™ magic of being supportive and a delight to wear…but genuinely so comfortable words can’t quite describe! 

Don’t believe us? Check out our styles below and let us break down why you need these performance driven essentials in your maternity wardrobe. 

Meet Nilit Softex LYCRA, our innovative fabric! 

A technical word for superior stretch (for your bump) and comfort. It’s incredible contraction will give the perfect level of support you need, and let’s be honest, all soon-to-be-mamas' can benefit from support…even after pregnancy too! Just like all our BodyHold™ Collection these have been engineered to grow with you throughout pregnancy... and to contract post babe.

Oh Hey, Best Ever Maternity Leggings

Meet our tried and tested, OG of maternity leggings - BodyHold™ Set In Motion Leggings. An extra comfy, ultimate pregnancy essential with a waistband that can be pulled up on the belly (for support), or folded down under your choose! They'll stay up and wont stretch out, or fall down (yay!). With no side seams for a streamlined fit, it's no wonder these became a mega-favourite real fast. 

best maternity leggings

The Multitasker Of Maternity Leggings

If you're anything like us, you carry around all your daily essentials and have nowhere to put them...until now! Meet the sister for our maternity leggings - BodyHold™ Pocket Dial Leggings. These have all the same technical support and comfort we're known for, with the details you never knew you needed (game-changer, we know!). Juggle less with these in-built pockets and a lovely fit that can be worn over bump or folded down under your bump and of course will contract to give you support for your belly post babe too. Whether you're headed to the gym, or doing the coffee "run" - these will be your best friend. 

On this, it's probably a good time to mention that they come in full and 7/8th length so you can take your pick depending on your style. 

pocket maternity leggings

The Bike Short

You've no doubt noticed the bike short trend is here to stay, so of course we thought it be rude for us not to offer these in a fit perfect for maternity. Basically our BodyHold™ Set In Motion Bike Short is made in the same magical fabric as all our leggings with all the same pros just in short form! With a specially designed waistband that can be pulled up on the belly, or folded down under your bump - This is one style that every mama needs. 

maternity bike shorts

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