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Maternity Bras

If you are looking for the best maternity bras and singlets that are super-soft and all too comfy - you just found them! Stretchy fabrics, removable cups... adjustable straps. We have all the details without compromising on cool. The versatility of maternity bras are undeniable, they’ll get you through hours in the day…from lazy weekend mornings to late night cluster feeds. And they’re so versatile they’ll get you through all the seasons in the year (under barely there tanks in the summer to nursing sweats in winter). We’ve got a range of feel-good styles that were made to move and designed to last.

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All The Fits, With All The Feels…

Fill your top drawer with a base layer every maternity wardrobe needs. From seamless styles that will fit right in with your everyday rotation to sports bras that are made to grow with you. Think maternity bras that also double as nursing bras, super cute singlet tops and sports bras that support like no other. Our technical quality of bra’s made in Nilit Softex Lycra were specifically designed for superior stretch and comfort, with a firm wire-free under-bust that makes them the perfect work-out/wear-all-day pregnancy bra.


Maternity Bras Online Australia


An easy maternity bra is a top pick for pregnancy, why? Because they’re an essential every pregnant mum needs. Plus, were really good at adding nursing access to our maternity bras which is a win-win in our eyes! Whether you’re going for a walk or hanging out with your friends, our maternity bras have been specifically designed to give you all the comfort and movement you’ll love throughout maternity and nursing. Whether you’re in need of mid to full coverage, adjustable straps for special occasions or crops that can be worn layered or on it’s own, we’ve got something for everyone.



What is the difference between maternity bra and nursing bra?


In short, a pregnancy bra is made to support your bust during your pregnancy and a nursing bra will have nursing access (think easy pull down, clip access) that a maternity bra may not have. Lucky for you all our maternity bras are made with discreet nursing access so you can wear them during pregnancy and post-babe too.


When should you start wearing a maternity bra?


When you start wearing a maternity bra is completely up to you and your body. There’s no right or wrong time as no single pregnancy is the same but generally when your normal bras start to feel uncomfortable is a good time to switch. As a suggestion, you should go for a maternity bra made in a soft, stretchy and breathable material with adjustable back closures and a wide band that doesn’t ride up your back! This ensures there is zero tension on the breast tissue and allows flexibility in your sizing throughout each trimester and after pregnancy.


When is the best time to buy maternity Bras?

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to buying the best maternity bra. And no, your current bra in a larger size won’t do the trick either (trust us, we’ve tried!) – maternity and nursing bras have been designed to provide the best support for your growing body and to be with you every step of the way from pregnancy through to nursing. Most women usually find that their bust starts to grow during the early stages of pregnancy so we would recommend starting to look at buying a maternity bra towards the end of the first trimester. That way you get the most wear out of it and you’ll have it ready for when babe arrives if you decide to nurse.