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Wondering what to give birth in...?

Birthing gowns... often a last minute thought yet the most important in our eyes. These styles have been designed to give you nursing-access, coverage and comfort when you need it most. With either lift-up or button-down nursing, they are a must-have for mums planning to breastfeed too. So don't wait - get your Hospital Bag ready with styles you'll actually want to wear again (and again...) So if you've been wondering to wear in labour or what to wear after giving birth in hospital - shop our Birthing Nighties now.

How To Choose A Birthing Gown You'll Love

When it comes to packing your hospital bag and deciding what to wear while giving birth, nothing does it better (and easier) than a birthing gown. We've created the ultimate stretchy, breathable fabrics, with short sleeves to keep you comfortable and button front access so you can easily do skin to skin with bub. These first few moments are so special and we recommend you choose something that is comfortable and versatile like our button-down gowns so you can recover from birth and enjoy all the newborn skin-to-skin snuggles. Team it back with a set in motion crop for the ultimate nursing combo. 

The Best Birthing Gowns

With so many uber comfy fits in a variety of soft fabrics, our maternity sleepwear is the perfect uniform for bed or lounging at home. These are the maternity birthing gowns you’ve been searching for (with just the right amount of cool) they’ve been specifically made for comfort and all stages of motherhood - think throughout pregnancy, packed in your hospital bag and post babe for nursing. Were really good at choosing the cosiest and softest fabrics so they’re perfect for recovery, plus nursing access means they’ll keep you cosy during those late night feeds.


Do I need a birthing gown? 

Maternity birthing gowns are the easiest way to keep your comfort levels topped up throughout pregnancy, during your hospital stay and post-babe. All of our birthing gowns are made to grow with you and support you all the way through pregnancy and throughout recovery. We’ve cleverly cut our sleep dresses to fit your growing bump and the nursing access makes them easy (and discreet) for breastfeeding. You’ll also find that our elevated fabrics add that extra comfort you have to feel to believe. 

What are the different types of birthing gowns?

Our birthing gowns come in various shapes and styles. There are a few factors to consider like your style preference, nursing options and coverage, but rest assured they all have one thing in common, next-level comfort. Lift-up nursing gowns offer full coverage with a crew neck shape and a double layer that hides some seriously discreet feed access. Ideal if you want to remain covered from the top while you feed. Button-down birthing gowns offer easy nursing access making them perfect for quick feeds during your hospital stay, skin to skin and nursing from the comfort of your home.