Styles Bae Denim

With the ease of a pair of overalls and the put-togetherness of a great dress, a good denim pinafore is a wardrobe game changer. There are few other options that strike the polished-yet-casual balance so well, so it’s no wonder that statement-making ladies are seen in them all the time. See here how Hayley from @sweetlittlestory does it with ease.

Maternity Denim Pinafore Dress

Thanks to a super-soft, washed chambray quality this denim pinafore dress feels extra comfy but still looks cool.

Maternity Denim Pinafore Dress 2

And now, let’s talk about the nursing access. You need only layer this with a feed-singlet / top and because of the great cut-away sides and straps that can easily be undone – this is a dress for our breastfeeding mama’s too… your welcome!

Maternity Denim Pinafore Dress 3


A maternity denim dress that every mama needs - your wardrobe has been waiting for this pinafore dress whether your pregnant, nursing or just want an easy mum-option. x