What To Wear To A Wedding When Pregnant

What To Wear To A Wedding When Pregnant


Wedding season is here! You’ve received your guest invite in the mail, naturally you’re thinking about what you’ll wear too. To complicate things even more, you’re pregnant and have no idea what dress size you’ll be come third trimester. Luckily, if you’re fretting about what to wear to a wedding when pregnant, never fear - we have your back (and bump) so you can enjoy and feel great while taking yourself and your plus one out.

Where to start when looking for a maternity dress for wedding

These days just about anything goes for the big day, which is great when you’re a guest but also makes things a lil’ difficult when choosing what to wear to a wedding. Before you go to try on your ol’ faithful maxi dress and call it a day, let’s remember you’ll be pregnant and feeling comfy and finding a dress to fit in all the right places will be key to feeling glam! So, let’s start with some of the rules. Some of them are no brainers, like colours to avoid - while others are a bit more difficult…thanks to your totally inconsiderate friend who has listed the dress code as “beach chic”. You need help!! Here are our top five do’s-and-dont’s so you can be ready for any dress code thrown your way.

1. Leave White For The Bride

Or off white, or natural or anything that could pass as being even the slightest bit white. If you have to ask yourself if this dress too white for a wedding, then the answer is yes…yes it is! We feel you, white dresses are so cute right now but we urge you to pick something (anything) else when you’re the guest!

Want the closest thing to white? Try a neutral! They’re so in right now too 

Try this: Serenity Knit Dress 

2. Do Follow The Dress Code

It’s your loved ones wedding day and you don’t want to be that guest everyone’s talking about for all the wrong reasons ie. maybe ditch the glitzy ballgown for a backyard wedding in the outback. Here’s a cute yet chic option you might like: 

Sweet Talker Maxi Dress

3. Avoid Going Overboard

Even if the wedding is a ‘dress to impress’ event, the last thing you want to do is outshine the bride and groom! Take note, even a gold maxi could be getting a little too close to wedding dress territory so choose carefully! Play with colour, shapes, details and accessories, just don’t overtake the spotlight.

Try this maternity dress: A can’t-go-wrong kinda style that will flatter your bump and keep you feeling comfy all night (thanks to a premium super-stretchy jersey fabric)

One Way Or Another Dress

4. Experiment With Colour & Prints

From tonal prints to statement brights, you can't really go wrong here when you're a guest! Bonus, you’ll look great in wedding photos and it'll make you look like you’ve gone to the added effort (ahem, unlike all the other guests in black).

From one-and-done bodycon dresses to a flowy maxi, we’ve got our eye on pieces that do the form-and-function thing well. Try this maternity dress for wedding:

It’s A Vibe Midi Dress

5. Don’t Wear Anything Too Short

No matter how modern the bride and groom are, it’s still a wedding and it pays to be on the safe (and comfy) side. If you’re not a maxi gal, go for a midi dress. 

Luckily, we have a range of maternity midi’s that feel fresh and can be dressed up or down whatever your dress code. Like this one:

Rendezvous Rib Knit Dress

Ready to get dressed up? Find your new one-and-done maternity dress for wedding right here.