Maternity Shirts Are Here To Stay

Maternity Shirts Are Here To Stay

As Bae is the destination for breezy maternity shirts, comfy essentials and pretty much maternity everything, it's only right that we welcomed the striped shirt trend with open arms. Best known for their sleek appearance and versatile silhouette, shirts are now an endless year-round staple for our wardrobe. Now, mastering the art of maternity shirt outfitting can be quite the daunting task, and you might be asking yourself "how do I wear a shirt for maternity?" It's truly easier than you think and it all comes down to one simple outfit equation: Your fave bottoms + the perfect striped maternity shirt = flawless everyday fit.

Scroll on to read about all our favourite outfitting staples and how you can dress in your striped maternity shirts while still looking the part.

Make it active

They’re easy, breezy, oh-so versatile, and can be styled in just about a million different ways, no matter where you're headed. Pick your fave colour maternity shirt and throw it over your bike shorts, romper, leggings for an active fit that will get you from gym to brunch in no time at all! Striped shirts have always been a staple in our wardrobe, but this year it’s making its mark in every way imaginable, including the activewear vibe which is why it's such a go-to for mums. 

maternity shirt

Polished for work

Hands down, our favourite maternity work outfit equation has to be a drapey shirt paired with our black maternity pants. We love being able to wear maternity shirts all the time, no matter the season and pairing them with black pants or a maternity skirt easy does dressed-up, laid back and everything in between. Not only does this look scream polished but it's an effortless way to put together a really cool maternity outfit without having to think too hard about it.

stripe maternity shirt

Take it away

Now that you’ve got your holiday booked, this is where things can get fun because the options are endless! The best way to keep things cool is with an oversized maternity shirt that goes soooo well with anything. The goal is to create as many outfits as you can with only a few pieces, to make packing (and outfitting) easy, and to ensure you can accomodate a few souvenirs while you're there of course. A maternity shirt does just this; elevates any outfit by throwing on a shirt and you're ready for wherever the day takes you.  

maternity stripe shirt

We’ve worked hard to bring you maternity shirts that not only look incredible with any outfit, but make you feel like yourself and can be worn pre and postpartum (with buttons for nursing access). It's a big tick from us! Shop them here.