Maternity Sleepwear For Now And Always

Maternity Sleepwear For Now And Always

Sleepwear For Your Bump - Made For Mums, By Mums

Expecting? Congratulations! Once you get to the second trimester and that little bump is starting to grow, it also means goodbye back sleeping and hello aches and pains! Not to sound all doom and gloom, of course we have a solution -  Investing in a great set of maternity pyjamas! We can’t promise to take away all those restless nights but we can assure you that they’ll make things a little more comfy as bump grows and your body changes. Better yet, you can also get good use out of maternity pjs for your hospital stay and when nursing your babe too.

Your sleep now is super important and what you wear to bed needs to be as comfy as it is functional (and cute, of course). The best place to start is to figure out what means the most to you when looking for maternity pjs - that may be fabric, versatile (ahem nursing access), two piece set or one piece. Then of course the season matters as you’ll want to keep warm and cosy in a long sleeve set for the cooler months or shorts and a tank for summer. Also don’t forget to take into account when bubs is due too because if you plan on nursing you’ll probably want to go for something with nursing access, which of course all of our maternity pyjamas have covered off!

Enter: Maternity Sleepwear! Here’s a cheat sheet to get you all caught up.

Maternity Pyjamas, Find Your Set

Our latest sleep sets are just as essential as they are versatile. Made in an undeniably soft and especially comfy quality to grow with your bod. Easy-to-wear and gloriously soft, they will fit like they were made for you and your bump. Choose your colour and your top and team them back with bottoms. Frequent loungers will really enjoy this set.

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Sleepwear Nursing Dresses

For those who want easy, no-fuss, one-and-done sleep routines? This is where you’ll find them. Sweet dreams start with cute maternity pyjamas and our dreamy dresses are super soft (with just the right amount of stretch) and made for living in. Nursing access will support you after bae arrives because we don’t want to contribute to wasteful buying, or complicated maternity wear.

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Wait, Did Someone Say Button Down’s?

Hands down the holy grail of maternity pyjamas. These multi-taskers are a must pack for your hospital bag ‘cos when it comes time for skin to skin it’s as easy as un-button-and-done! Made in a breathable stretch jersey, the front button access makes them perfect delivery suite attire. You'll be thanking yourself you brought this one along. Team it back with a Set In Motion Crop for the ultimate nursing set.

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