Nursing Tops: 1 top, so many ways to wear!

Nursing Tops: 1 top, so many ways to wear!

How To Wear Your Fave Nursing Tops

The way we see it, the best thing about these maternity tops (and most of ours for that matter) is that they magically double up as nursing tops so you can wear them throughout maternity, nursing and…forever. We love an opportunity to add a maternity-to-nursing piece into your wardrobe that has endless ways to be worn! So how do you wear our thoughtful On My Mind Button Nursing Tops? We’ve got some ideas (3 to be exact) that’ll keep you covered all season. 

Maternity and nursing tops

Knot Your Tops

This trick is as easy as one, two, three. Mix and match till your hearts content-just keep things in the same colour family to keep it feeling fresh. Knot it over a skirt or dress and throw a little pattern in there like classic stripes to break things up. We love the individuality of this look. Just pop on your favourite skirt, then knot your nursing top around the narrowest part of your waist, pair it back with some sneaks and voilà!

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Tuck It

Look polished and a little bit cute with the right add on’s - start with a pair of pants or shorts (we can help you out here) and tuck your nursing top in for a touch of minimalist cute. Just about any colour goes, from black pants to denim blues this style feels completely fresh and insanely comfy. 

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Let It All Hang Out

Our weekend-wear is all about feeling cosy with twists to make them feel ready for right now. Layering your nursing top over a pair of joggers and letting it hang = I’m nailing being a mum right now. It’s timeless, comfy and fuss-free. 

Our On My Mind nursing tops have that cool, non-maternity look - but are totally ready to wear throughout maternity and nursing in a fresh, modern way. If you like what you’re seeing we have plenty more low-key, low-maintenance nursing tops here.