Our chat with Ashli Templer from Yours Only

Our chat with Ashli Templer from Yours Only

For lots of people, the bathroom is a place of purity, pampering and relaxation. A place to freshen up and wind down. But for lots of other people - those with allergies, intolerances, skin conditions and auto-immune diseases - the bathroom is not so inviting.

Meet Ash, about to me mum and founder of Yours Only. Since she was born she’s been dealing with pesky intolerances and skin conditions. Her health and wellness story is long, with so many ups and downs but from her journey came Yours Only®. Skincare and haircare for sensitive humans.

“I wanted to create products that suited the whole family, from little ones, through to our grandparents”

Formulated products that are safe for the skin and the body, dressed in packaging you can’t find at the local pharmacy… It’s a BIG tick from us!

"I spent so much of my childhood with itchy skin, eczema, and health issues, that I wanted to allow sensitive humans to use “cool” products that didn’t flare them up, too"

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As well as her passion for helping women feel their best, Ash is about to embark on a whole new journey as she becomes a Mum for the first time in April! We spoke to Ash about her pregnancy journey, personal style and her top Bae pieces to wear during pregnancy.

"Since being pregnant I’ve loved wearing tight tanks, with long skirts, or tight midi dresses with oversized shirts"

maternity clothes

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is so dependent on my mood! I love printed tees or plain tanks with cargo pants and an oversized jacket or blazer and sneakers. I would say it’s chill, with a touch of structure. 

Any tips for looking after yourself during pregnancy you can share?

Listen to your body. If you need to rest, do it. You are growing a human, after all. Eat healthy where possible as it will give you the energy your body needs.

What’s your #1 Bae pick for…First & second trimester?

I wore the maternity bike shorts so comfy. They were my weekend go to for both my first and second trimester

Third trimester?

I’ve been living in this midi dress and oversized shirts.

maternity clothes


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