Really easy maternity shirts to elevate your wardrobe

Really easy maternity shirts to elevate your wardrobe

Does something count as a trend if you actually wear it forever and ever? Because our current shirt obsession falls under that category. We’re especially into these maternity tops right now (and likely will be for a long time coming) since they work for any season and make for great nursing tops with button-down feed access. They’re pretty much the unofficial official team Bae uniform and while it might seem like there’s only one way to wear them, they’re actually very versatile.

It’s time to get acquainted and go beyond the basics with our new plus-one hero’s. Button-down shirts have fast become a maternity staple; mainly because of their versatility to go with everything you already own, plus they layer like a boss and were not just talking for the office. We’re thrilled to introduce to you our brand new poplin Love Affair shirts in five feel-good colours. They’re the layer you need made in a soft-touch cotton polin that’s so lightweight and actually drapes over bump like a dream. See for yourself…


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Ready to shirt up? Find your new favourite throw-on-and-go outfit right here.