Our chat with Sophie Pearce aka @svpearce

Our chat with Sophie Pearce aka @svpearce

Whether it’s keeping us informed (and laughing!) with her podcast Beyond the Bump - sharing insightful, raw & unfiltered truths about motherhood, or churning out cute insta content, there’s a thousand reasons to love Sophie Pearce. With baby #3 on the way, we caught up with Soph about family life, mum-hacks, her all-time favourite maternity outfit and more. 

Maternity Jumpsuit

Hi Sophie! First things first—tell us a little about what you do and where you live?

Hey guys, I am Sophie! I am a mum of 2 and three quarters haha, about to have our third girl early next year. I live with my kids and husband in Cabarita Beach in Northern NSW. We absolutely love where we live, we moved into a house that we built in April this year which has been such a beautiful change! 

What's your perfect weekend made of?

Nick (who’s the cook of the household) cooking us breakfast, heading off to the beach in perfect sunny weather, wearing the kids out and all coming home for a nap or a chill on the couch. Having friends around in the afternoon for drinks (well mocktails right now) and dinner. Kids behave perfectly altogether of course (lol) and we all get to chat and eat dinner with two free hands. A perfect Sunday, involves a little lie in, go out for breakfast and then spend the day chilling, me reading and getting our house and selves ready for the week ahead! 

maternity jeans

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style changes a lot but just things that make me feel good and comfy!! I love having clothes from all different styles that I can mix and match depending on my mood!  

Go-to maternity outfit?

As it gets hotter, a tight but stretchy and comfy dress has been my go to!! 

Any mum-life hacks you can share?

Get AirPods!! So that when you are over your kids or doing mundane chores you can listen to podcasts (ahmm Beyond the Bump) at the same time!! A bit of cup filling that can happen even when you’re around your children. 

What's your no.1 Bae pick for...

A night out?

In The Moment Jumpsuit Ink - I love it!! It's so hard to feel sexy while heavily pregnant but this one does it!! Sleek and comfy and just so so nice on! 

Lunch with the girls?

Real Love Dress Cornflower - I cannot get past this colour. It is stunning!! 

And speaking of your Bae wardrobe, how did the clothes feel?!

So good!! It's so nice to wear maternity wear that doesn’t look or feel like you are frumpy! I also love that it will all be great post partum and beyond!!