What Makes The Best Maternity Jeans...

What Makes The Best Maternity Jeans...

The search for maternity jeans that don't slip down is a path that many expecting mums have already walked. Perfecting the art of the 'jean hitch-up' with any sort of elegance all whilst wobbling along felt near impossible! Throw in a wiggling toddler on the hip too... and you could forgive any mum for giving up on the elusive wardrobe staple - the maternity jean.

But alas... we have finally crafted a pair of jeans that stay in place! Goodbye slip-down situation!
Years in the making, these jeans have been a labour-of-love (pun intended) but we are finally ready to spread the word. Introducing our revolutionary over-bump band Maternity Jeans!!! With all the feels of your fave high-waisted denim at the back.... and all the stretch you need for a growing bump, these really are the ultimate High Waisted Maternity Jeans.

Now all there is to do is... find your fit:


Keep It Going
Split Hem, Flare Maternity Jeans 

Hello Flare - welcome back. We love this modern take on a retro style. Relaxed in all the right places, these Full Length Flare Jeans are the ones that will instantly update your wardrobe. If you are looking for a pair of Pregnancy Jeans that have that flared silhouette you've been eyeing off... but in a fit that will flatter your changing bod - this is the one.





On The Move
Maternity Mum Jeans


The new denim essential - this is the shape that needs to transition from your pre-pregnant wardrobe! Dream-weekend jeans, they can do casual just as well as they can dress-up too. Pair them with... everything! Shirts, blouses, tanks and tees. These Maternity Mum Jeans (or Mom Jeans for our overseas friends) are much loved for their super-flattering fit. 

Maternity Mum Jeans
Over-bump Mum Jean For Pregnancy
Mum Jean For Pregnancy
High Waisted Maternity Jean




As It Was
Kick Flare Maternity Jeans 

A super-flattering fit, these ankle-grazers are a shape that pair-back with all the tops you already own with ease. Fitted through the thigh, this silhouette looks great with an oversize tee or shirt. Just as great back with sneaks as they are sandals this Flared Maternity Jean is the one every mum should be adding to their wardrobe this season. 

Maternity Flare Jeans
Maternity Flare Jeans with High Waist
Maternity Flare Jeans - Black
Overbump Maternity Jeans - Black