How To: Choose The Best Maternity Bra

How To: Choose The Best Maternity Bra

There’s no doubt that growing a little human might just be the most incredible thing to ever happen to your body - as well as a whole lot of other changes that you never thought possible! Let’s start with the obvious; your growing bust line that feels ten sizes too big for that sports bra you just fit into last week. You likely need no convincing that a new maternity bra is just what you need. But where do you start? What size do you go for? Is a regular nursing bra best or sports bra? Don’t fret, it’s our pleasure to lay out the facts and teach you all you need to know about what makes the best maternity bra so you can find the one for you!

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to buying the best maternity bra. And no, your current bra in a larger size won’t do the trick either (trust us, we’ve tried!) – maternity and nursing bras have been designed to provide the best support for your growing body and to be with you every step of the way from pregnancy through to nursing.

So let’s get started, we’re taking you through the most important features that make the best maternity bras!

Invest In Comfort

Extra stretchy & breathable will be your new best friend! Superior stretch means maximum comfort and as a rule, you should go for a maternity bra made in a soft, stretchy and breathable material with adjustable back closures and a wide band that doesn’t ride up your back! This ensures there is zero tension on the breast tissue and allows flexibility in your sizing throughout each trimester and after pregnancy.

Support The Girls

We’re talking the hold you close kind of support you need for the gals. During pregnancy you will feel fuller and heavier (from all that milk making!) so you’ll want a maternity bra that feels soft, yet snug under the bust with fuller coverage than your regular bra, but not in the grannies underwear kind of way if you get what we mean?!

Ease-y Does it

THE BEST nursing bras do a tremendous job at seamlessly transitioning from pregnancy to breastfeeding (ahem, such as ours). Look for nursing access styles and convertible straps so you can match your outfit.


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