Why Invest In Breastfeeding Clothes?

Why Invest In Breastfeeding Clothes?

Because they’re life-changing! And essential if you’re planning on nursing.

A lot of things change when you’re having a baby, your inability to sleep in past 6am and for obvious reasons - your body! If you’re anything like us, you’ll get so caught up in dressing your bump and forget to consider all the other changes that happen to your body as well, like your growing bust and nursing your newborn. Let’s face it, no-one knows what to expect but as it turns out, we have a range of styles that will transition from maternity to nursing (and always) so whatever stage you’re at, they’ll be there to suit your needs. 

What to invest in during pregnancy and postpartum are one of the most common questions we hear women ask. And it makes perfect sense because it’s such a big time of change (for your life and your body) that it can be daunting to know where to start! So that’s where we come in - to dream up looks that you didn't even know you needed...till now. Which is why you’ll find that almost all of our range is nursing friendly. Yep, one-and-done, bump to boobs (think: low-key nursing tops that won’t have you flashing in public). We’re all about the kinds of pieces you’ll want to wear again, and again…and again.

We understand that not everyone can or will breastfeed, but it’s nice to know that if you decide you are going to try, you already have a head start with some breastfeeding clothes. 

So, over to our nursing hero’s!

Nursing Tops

Versatile & comfy at it’s finest. Our no. 1 staple for soon-to-be or current mums. We love the unexpected element of these nursing tops - you can pop them on with just about anything and nurse without anyone noticing a thing! 

Layer Up

The original lift-up and pull to the side layers make looking nursing look easy (and, it probably goes without saying, really cute too). For a relaxed, low-key look that doesn’t scream ‘I’m wearing a nursing top’- tuck one of our Me And You nursing tops under layer into a high waisted skirt for a cool cropped tee look.   

Low Key Details

It’s not every day you reinvent the nursing wheel. But by going for a front-zip dress (aka our Perfect Match Dress) or side zip sweat (Softer Side Sweat), you may just accomplish the unimaginable. 

The Button Down

Button-downs aren’t just for pretty looks. Wear yours from the hospital well into fourth trimester by using the functional buttons for skin to skin and feeding access. We wanted you to look cool (and more importantly) feel comfortable - voilà an outfit you can wear maternity through nursing. 

Nursing Bra’s

Might we suggest a nursing bra to tie the whole nursing thing together? They are fuss-free and discreet and we especially love them layered under your nursing clothes. Choose either our cross front pull to the side or slide off strap nursing bra and put 'em all on (breastfeeding clothes) at once to keep everything easy. 

Want even more inspo? Our nursing tops and breastfeeding clothes can help with that here.