You don't have to make do anymore... maternity jeans that fit

You don't have to make do anymore... maternity jeans that fit

Ahh pregnancy, so much excitement and so many decisions to be made! Like what pram should you get? What colour should you paint the nursery? Will you really need every single item on that baby list? On the list of decisions you have to make is one very important one: to maternity jean or not to maternity jean?

Like many, you're probably trying your hardest to get away with "not buying maternity clothes" but while that may work for the early stages, it most definitely does not apply to jeans! In the first few weeks or months you may feel like you can squeeze into your old jeans, needless to say, there will come a time when the rubber band trick just won't do anymore and you'll finally accept defeat.

maternity jeans

Enter the best maternity jeans of your dreams... over bump styles with our original unique waistband because we believe you shouldn't have to make do.

What's so good about our over-bump maternity jeans? 

Featuring our exclusive over-bump BodyForm™ stocking knit, a unique band that stretches with your bump and holds them in place. Our original waistband looks good and most importantly - stays up! With a classic denim cut at the back it means they'll feel like your fave high-waisted jeans. Crafted in our premium stretch denim for maximum stretch and comfort; no more pulling at your jeans to keep them from slipping down. We'd recommend getting your hands on a pair with over the bump coverage if you plan to wear pants of any kind in the third trimester! 

maternity jeans

But don't just take our word for it! Take hundreds of five-star reviews:

"The best maternity jeans I’ve tried - the only ones that stay up" - Emily B.

"Best pair of jeans I’ve ever bought, comfy great stretch in the material - better than my non-maternity jeans" - Samantha A.

"love everything about these jeans. The material, colour, comfort is so good!" - Maddi S.

"Super comfy and look like my usual jeans!" - Jade C.

"Love these jeans! Quality and fabric is amazing!" - Teagan D.

"All the good reviews here aren't too good to be true, they are actually TRUE" - Li C.

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