Pack Your Baby Hospital Bag With Us (!)

Pack Your Baby Hospital Bag With Us (!)

Get prepared with our essential mama and baby hospital bag checklist!

Welcome! It’s likely that if you were enticed to read this article, you are a soon-to-be mum who’s had the same question that keeps popping up - “Have you got your baby hospital bag packed?” Whether you’re in the early trimesters doing your pregnancy research or it’s been on your to-do list tossed away in the ‘too hard pile’, the process of packing your hospital bag is so important because let’s face it, birth is a crazy journey that you can’t control and not everything may go to plan…except for what you bring to the hospital!

Like most of us, so many of your mum friends have told you that half of the stuff on those hospital bag checklists are pointless! Totally, but what they don’t tell you is exactly what you need for labour and after. So much of hospital bag packing is about mental preparation than the stuff itself and gathering the right items will make that end goal seem so much less frightening.

Here’s an easy, no-fuss hospital bag checklist!

What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Mum?

- Firstly, a button down dress is our number one absolute must pack for your hospital bag! Wear this one to the delivery suite; it's breathable, comfortable and with button down access so you can easily do skin to skin with bub as soon as they're in your arms!

- A robe for ease. Throw this over just about anything, it's super soft and majorly comfy especially during those late night feeds.

- Nursing bras - again, these are a must for your hospital bag. You'll need to pack at least 2-3 depending on the length of your stay. With nursing access these will be the base layer you'll live in. 

- An easy throw-on hoodie or sweat. Once again, look for something with nursing access so you can also feed easy if you're planning on breastfeeding. Our Run With Me Hoodies will do the trick!

- Slippers or slip on shoes to wear around the hospital

- Comfy (full brief) underwear

- Maternity pads & bits for your boobs

- Toiletries

- Lastly, but certainly not least, something comfy to wear home. This one doesn’t have to be overly complicated either, our cosiest ever Beating Heart Lounge Pants and a Me & You Tee or Tank were made for you to walk out of the hospital and slip back into home life, you may never want to put on a pair of jeans again! (ok kidding, but seriously were not joking when we say you’ll live in these before, during and after hospital!)

What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Baby?

- Onesies x 6

- Singlets x 6

- Socks, beanies, mittens x 2

- Swaddle wraps x 3 (we recommend bringing some with a bit of stretch as they're great for first time swaddles!)

- Nappies and wipes 

- A going home outfit. Something a bit cute yet still warm, soft and super easy to get them in and out of. 

What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Your Support Crew?

- Change of clothes

- All electronic devices and charges. Let them take care of the phone charges, laptops etc 

- Water bottles and a whole lot of snacks! You never know how long your labour will go for and you might feel like a little bite to eat every now and then. Also handy for after you give birth when you just need a quick bite. 

- Toiletries (if they are staying the night)