Does Pink for Pregnancy

Yep, we’re talking about our best-selling All Or Nothing Dress... now in Pink. Here, Hayley from @sweetlittlestory shows us how to wear our fave new shade - aka how to add a touch of colour to your maternity wardrobe (and still look timeless). 

Pink Maternity Dress for baby shower

If we held a competition for this seasons must-have colour... and we were the betting type (we're not btw) we would have our money on this shade of Blush Pink. Its a humble colour, a new basic of sorts and it doesn't take too much finesse to get right - especially in a silhouette as easy as this. 

Pink Maternity Dress to wear to Baby SHower

So in order to make your pop of pink foolproof & failsafe for pregnancy, opt for a maternity dress that is as as stretchy and comfy as it is cool. Pair it back with some natural accessories, just like Hayley here... and voila you just put Pink in the effortless / can’t-go-wrong category.  

Pink Maternity Dress


A Pink maternity dress that is the perfect dress to wear to your baby-shower or the one your going to want if you need a maternity dress to wear to a wedding. A fitted (and crazy flattering) shape in a stretch quality that feels great too, the All Or Nothing dress is going to be your new BFF.